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James Rutter's gripping new novella based on real events is out now in Kindle and paperback format.  It will shortly be released as an Audiobook. If you're into tense fiction based on real life events, you'll love this book.

4 out of 4 stars - OnlineBookClub Official Review
" Rat Trap is a solid crime thriller with a great premise and excellent execution."

RAT TRAP synopsis : July 2020, Simon Whitby was looking forward to his business re-opening after 3 months of lockdown. But no sooner had he welcomed his customers back in, thieves struck and virtually wiped out the business overnight. With his finances collapsing and little support from the police or insurance, Simon is forced to take matters into his own hands and deliver his own form of retribution on the person he believes was behind it. But Simon’s carefully constructed trap doesn’t go as smoothly as he had planned.
Seen through Simon's eyes and that of his partner Georgia, this fast-paced revenge drama re-traces the dramatic twists and turns of his perilous and desperate plan to recover his business, his life and his self-respect. Based on real events, this debut crime thriller shows James Rutter's skill in crafting an exceptionally gritty debut novella that cranks up the tension with every chapter.

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About Me

Thank you for taking time to browse my site and hope that you will purchase and enjoy my debut novella Rat Trap. More crime-thrillers are on the way!

I didn't set out to be an author and would not describe myself as one if asked "so what do you do?".  I've been in business since age 22, from 3D computer graphics, to property development to creating and running an off-road motorcycle centre.  Despite it being hard work and very insecure at times, I'm pleased to say that 30+ years later, I've never had a 'proper job'.

But writing is something I have been increasingly drawn towards, and the crime genre particularly inspires me. My stories are based on personal experience or inspired by 'the goings on' in North West England where I grew up and still live.  My passion is NOT writing.  In order to write engaging and original stories, I believe that you have to absorb passion and inspiration from real life.  So, I still try and run a business, but aim to travel as much as I can (ideally on a motorcycle!), as well as competing in off-road motorcycle races, snowboarding, keeping fit and enjoying time and travel with Julie - my amazing fiance, avid reader, number one supporter and fellow Nordic noir fan.

I'm blessed with two very creative and talented twin daughters who are out there making their own way in the world.  My only dependant is a furious ball of fur and teeth called Jasper.  I love him really.

Sign up below for info on my future books - two of which are in development right now.  Don't worry, your information is secure and I promise not to bombard you with photos of what I had for dinner!

I look forward to hearing from you.

I do love a bit of boardin' . . .
Say 'YES' to fancy dress . . .always !
Out with my riding buddy eating crepes somewhere on the French coast.
Out and about in Chicago . . . fantastic city !
Man's best friend . . . as long as you know him !
Enduro Racing - slightly nuts but fun !
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